Marco Mina

Marco Mina

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Department of Biological Science
Université du Québec à Montréal
Science Campus, SB-
141, av. du Président-Kennedy
Montréal, H2X 3Y7, QC

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I am a forest ecologist and currently postdoc at the CEF at the Université du Quebéc à Montreal

My research interests include the dynamics of temperate forest ecosystems and anticipating the impacts of global and climate change. I use stand and landscape models of forest dynamics to explore interactions of trees with their changing environment and to investigate management strategies to enhance forest resistance and resilience to future challenges. I am currently working on combining simulation modelling approaches with functional diversity and network connectivity to promote resilience in fragmented forest landscapes. See here my webpage at the CEF.

Employment and Formation

Postdoctoral Fellow
CEF-UQAM, Canada
WSL Birmensdorf, Switzerland
Ph.D. in Forest Ecology
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Research Intern
PSI Villigen, Switzerland
M.Sc. in Forestry and Environmental Science
University of Padua, Italy
B.Sc. in Forestry and Environmental Technology
University of Padua, Italy

Selected Publications (or full list)


Network analysis can guide resilience-based management in forest landscapes under global change
Mina M, Messier C, Fortin MJ, Duveneck M, and Aquilué N
Ecological Applications - accepted


The functional complex network approach to foster forest resilience to global changes
Messier C, Bauhus J, Doyon F, Maure F, Sousa-Silva R, Nolet P, Mina M, Aquilué N, Fortin MJ and Puettmann K
Forest Ecosystems 6:21


Multiple factors modulate tree growth complementarity in central European mixed forests
Mina M, Huber MO, Forrester DI, Thürig E, Rohner B
Journal of Ecology. 106:1106–1119
The symmetry of competitive interactions in mixed Norway spruce, silver fir and European beech forests
Mina M, Del Rio M, Huber MO, Thürig E, Rohner B
Journal of Vegetation Science. 29:775–787


Future ecosystem services from European mountain forests under climate change
Mina M, Bugmann H, Klopcic M, Pardos M, Irauschek F, Cordonnier T, Cailleret M
Journal of Applied Ecology. 54:389-401
Accurate modeling of harvesting is key for projecting future forest dynamics: a case study in the Slovenian mountains
Mina M, Bugmann H, Klopcic M, Cailleret M
Regional Environmental Change. 17:49-64


Forward modeling of tree-ring width improves simulation of forest growth responses to drought
Mina M, Martin-Benito D, Bugmann H, Cailleret M
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 221:13-33